FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

    • Why do I get sent to the Home page when I answer yes to the 18+ adult Question

This occurs mainly because you must have clicked on No at some point.
To solve this happening, you can clear your Browser Cache, or at least clear any cookies for @thecoolads.com

    • Why do we not have many Ads

We are (in internet terms) a fairly new site, We are growing steadily, with your help and you placing Ads we can grow and this question will happen less. Also, we won’t post fake or bogus ads just to fill it up

    • How will you use my email address

We will only use your email address for replies to Ads and Admin emails.
Your email address is not shown on the Ad unless you add it into the contact details when placing an Ad.
Therefore if you are a business, you may wish people to know your email address, phone number and street address, if not then please leave the Contact details empty

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